Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello 30's

My birthday has come, and now I have to admit I am 30 years old. What in the world happen to my youth? Why did time move so fast? I still remember the conversation I had with my mom when I was 8 years old that she was going to be "old" soon as her 30thbirthday was fast approaching.

Now my time has come and I am "old" just as my 8-year old self believed.

Despite all my fears and apprehension regarding my new decade, I have promised myself that 30's would be just as fabulous and adventurous as my 20's. In my 20's I attended school in North Carolina, traveled the western hemishpere, graduated from college, given two of the best daughters, and lived every moment celebrating the good times and great health. Now 30's you have a lot to live up to.

Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Airplane Travel

Some of you might know that I was anxious beyond normal for the upcoming flight across the country to Atlanta. I was flying by myself with a 3 year old, 11 month old walker, double stroller, carry-on suitcase, diaper bag, and purse. Well, I survived a plane trip across the country with me and the kids. Here is how I made it and didn't lose my mind (or a kid) along the way.

  • Prepare carry-on luggage for security checkpoint - I put all the snacks and baby food in a ziploc bag to put on belt alone to disclose
  • Bring DVD movie player, crayons, paper, and toddler friendly books
  • Pick a layover length that allows for time to eat and find a kid friendly play area
  • Stroller and ErgoBaby carrier --- I was able to get baby to sleep in ErgoBaby to leave me handsfree and relaxed while on the plane and use the stroller as an extra set of hands for me
  • Most important --- small lollipops for airplane descent when cabin pressure changes the most
Now wish me patience for the trip back home next week. Or leave me your tips and lessons learned.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Little Miss is turning 1, soon

Ahh!! What happened to the super organized and prepared mother of one? That's right there is two and lately just flying by on the seat of my pants.

First time mom is prepared 3 months in advance for the first birthday. I constructed handmade invitations, had a party itinerary, theme, decorations, invite list, activities for guests of all ages well in advance. But that mom of two is thinking "oh crap its around the corner" and I don't even know what day to have the party.

I am so lucky that Little Miss will only remember she is loved no matter what the party theme is. In reality, I have no clue what my 1st birthday was like or if I even had a party but I was first born therefore it must have been fabulous.

Who is for putting a party hat on Little Miss placing a cupcake in front of her and taking a picture? I promise to at least sing Happy Birthday.