Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby Weight is Down

My weight that is! And I feel fantastic. I do not feel I have been able to truly share in the loss of weight and gain of happy endorphins. All I read is about how women (and a few men) are struggling to lose weight gained during the pregnancy. So in the mess of unhappy bodies can I share in the glory of getting my body back after pregnancy?

Does anyone really want to hear how I struggled with excepting the extra pounds as apart of motherhood? I sacrifice plenty for my kids; I didn't want to live in a body that was not mine. First step I published my goals for everyone to see,

Project 622
5. Lose that 30 lbs of “baby” weight
6. Be happy if I don’t

I made exercise a priority everyday even if it meant doing Wii-Fit for an hour after the kids went to bed and the kitchen is a mess. I focused on eating healthier and drinking water, lots of it. I hate to drink water because it leads to going to the bathroom then washing hands and dry hands. Every 15 minutes. Seriously I believe I have the smallest bladder ever.

Months, which felt like eons, pass and I manage to lose a couple pounds. I begged the scale to move a little further in the other direction but inanimate objects listen like toddlers do. Scale doesn't budge but I felt good. Yes! That's #6 crossed off.

Call me what you want but the weight fell off after that to the point I am happy to maintain my weight as this is my pre-baby weight. I slipped on a pair of pre-baby jeans effortlessly that I was hanging on to "just in case" not ever expecting to see them again.

I just wanted to be me. And I really hate to hear "You look great for having two kids". I want to look great because I take care of myself and respect my body.

SuperMom status was never sacrificed during the course of this loss. Maybe its unrealistic to do it all but I can try.