Friday, April 23, 2010

She said that!

The other day, sun shining and warm, Julianna and I decide to have lunch on the back patio. I bring our plates out along with the Crystal Light Fruit Punch drink I made for myself. Julianna asked to have a drink.

Julianna tastes it.

Her: hmm, this tastes funny.

Me: It tastes funny??

Her: Oh! I know! You must have put Funny Juice in it!

Her: straight face

Me: laughing hysterically

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I ran that mile -- #42

I ran a mile today! I ran the entire mile!

I know this must sound silly to most but my entire life I've hated to run. I played sports of all kinds and I could swim around the world as long as you didn't ask me to run at any portion of the trip. In grade school I would never get an A in P.E. solely because I refused to run the stupid mile test. So today I made every P.E. teacher of mine proud, well maybe just myself.

Today after 15 minutes on the stair machine I thought to myself how tiring this is, so I'll go walk briskly on the treadmill. I wanted to start preparing to train to run this mile (Project 622 task #42) so I started slow with a run of 1 minute. After successfully running for the minute, let's go a little further and run 1 1/2 minutes. I got to that mini goal and just kept running one minute at a time until I ran 15 minutes. It really is like Forrest Gump; I just kept running. Technically I ran a little longer than a mile but the Kid's Playarea was closing and my kids would be really mad at me I'm sure if I chose the treadmill over them.

Now that my task is completed, I realized it was all in my head that I couldn't run a mile, my entire life. I want to do it again.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Finished a book -- #11

Without regret or hesitation, I would like to announce that I have actually 100% completed the book, The Measure of a Man. From the beginning to end, Sidney Poitier is an exceptional writer and man. I truly enjoyed the selection from Oprah's Book Club list.

I was only able to find time to read when I was working out on either the stationary bike or stair machine. Otherwise, despite my efforts, the book did not get opened. It all worked out just fine but it meant my reading time was limited.

As from my previous post regarding Sidney's Legacy, the book is phenomenal. I recommend the book to everyone to read. But you've heard that from me before. So what's next? I can't go back to reading mom magazines now while working out.

Any good recommendations? I'd like to hear it.