Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our trip to Calaveras Big Trees

We packed up the car with my mom, sister, and girls; lunch cooler and extra clothes included. The drive that felt like it lasted forever was only 2 hours but the weather was gorgeous and the air spectacular. Take a peek at some of the photos. This is a must daytrip, heck maybe a camping trip if I can muster the courage to sleep out there with the well known bears.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Vegas Baby! #8 Go on Girls' Vacation

Vegas Baby!

That's how I refer to my upcoming vacation each and every time I can mention it to anyone that listens. I am for the first time ever going on a trip with a few of the best girlfriends a woman can share my life with. This vacation also the first time I have ever left the kids for an extended time, overnight for Amaya. The fantasy of traveling to Las Vegas for a weekend trip sounded so enticing but as the date drew nearer I realized I wasn't ready to be without the smiles and hugs of Julianna and Amaya. A weekend vacation just wasn't going to happen for me until they leave for college.

Late one night curiosity, and a little bit of midnight restlessness, set in and I looked around for flights to Las Vagas. My option was to leave Friday evening and return Monday morning, oh dear tears started rolling down my face its far too long I think to myself. I find an early flight Saturday morning and earliest return flight on Sunday morning. I send out the message that I will be joining the clan for just one night. I am immediately instructed that Las Vegas cannot be accomplished in just one night. Now what, how in the world can I abandon my children for two whole nights and days. The guilt has taken over and I call my mom for moral support. Well, that didn't help since I get from her that she never left me overnight until I was at least a teenager. But she does encourage me that the girls will be okay and I'll have fun.

Long story short, I find the perfect flight I am most comfortable with that leaves late Friday evening and returns early Sunday morning. My pep talk goes a little like this: I'll only be gone for technically one day and be back just after breakfast on Sunday. Now I might sleep the entire day that I return but at least I'll be able to snuggle with my girls the entire day.

Can't live without them. Kids.

But I'm doing this for me and get to cross off #8 on my Project 622. Accomplished.