Saturday, March 27, 2010

San Francisco Zoo

Project #56 Day trip to San Francisco Zoo

The weather is getting nice and I was itching to get out of town. The brilliant idea came to me to get my two best friends from high school together and let's get outta here. The three of us used to travel and have the best adventures. I bet you didn't know there are hip-hop skaters that dance in the middle of Golden Gate Park, neither did we until one of our adventures lead us there. Well now that two of us are mothers we sure were in for an adventure when I suggested a day trip to San Francisco Zoo.

The six of us piled into the Highlander with toddlers in the 3rd row seats coloring and eating snacks, which worked well until Angelo bonked Julianna in the forehead with a cup. Its okay we solved that problem with some "quiet time" as I like to call it; Angelo took a nap and Julianna never made a peep.

We made it with only one potty break and no Bay Bridge traffic! Unheard of, right? We stumbled upon rockstar parking, ie. free and close to entrance. Tip #1 Search for street parking before pay $8 for parking lot.

As we continue our journey pushing two strollers, three lunch coolers, two diaper bags, backpack, and the three little ones, we arrive to see the gracious giraffes. I think on my next list I will be to see giraffes in the wild, as in go on African Safari Tour. The giraffe exhibit has hills and tall trees as well as other giraffes to interact with, gorgeous but must move on. Tip #2 Try to resist spending 2 hours in the African exhibit.

The zoo starts with the Africa exhibit there are gorillas, lemurs, zebras, and others. We looped around and stopped for an unexpected delicious lunch at the Lemur Cafe. Even though we had enough food to feed a small classroom we forgot the staple items as in sandwiches. I would suggest the cheese pizza as a yummy giant slice to share. Tip #3 Lemur Cafe--pricey but money well spent.

Now after potty break, we stopped at the Children's Zoo. There is a petting zoo inside with goats, sheep, and chickens. The goats did bully their way to some snack pellets, but that was nothing compared to the squirrels we found rummaging through the strollers when we returned to stroller parking. Tip #4 When leaving your stroller unattended at petting zoo, the squirrels WILL chew through lunchpack zipper to get your cocoa-covered almonds.

Tip #5 The zoo closes at 5 pm. Your day will fly by, please keep an eye on the time.

Leaving the Children's Zoo we realize we have about 45 minutes left so we buckle the kids into the strollers and run to the other side of the park. We are proud to say it was worth it. In the very back of the park is the Australian Outback and bears, polar, grizzly, and black, and brown.

Tip #6 Don't forget to take pictures. My camera never left my diaper bag. I had a great time enjoying the zoo with a few of the greatest people in my life but a couple pictures are needed to document. I do believe we did capture the work of the squirrels; I'll have to check on that.

The ride home wasn't bad considering tired, grumpy toddlers in the back and exhausted baby in the middle of it. We pulled out the DVD player and "Bolt" saved the day! Tip #7 Bring a movie player.

The day was marvelous and I hope we can do it again. 13 years later, marriages, kids and we are still three women that are loving, warm, kindred spirits, brave, and silly. That trip was perfect for Project 622.

Next stop--San Diego Zoo.

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