Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update on Project 622

Working on Project 622 has been so much fun. I have had several people close to me that want to help in some way to accomplish completing my list. Kellie wants to train with me so we can run that mile (#42 Run a mile), Cynthia offered to give me a bike (#33 Buy a bike), Tony and Monique promised to buy my shoes and babysit for that date (#24 Buy new pair of black stilettos, #25 Dinner date to wear new shoes); I absolutely love the support I've received.

So far, I have put working out into my daily schedule so for 3 weeks I've been in yoga and cardio(#4 workout 4 times in a week). I started that book, The Measure of a Man, (#11), that is an incredible man Sidney Poitier. A great read, thanks Oprah Book Club! I haven't lost all the weight but I'm happy about the way I feel (#6 be happy if I don't).

This is an amazing adventure and its not over. I am looking forward to crossing more off the list but until then I feel fabulous.

Have you started your list? Figure out what you want and write it down.

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