Friday, December 11, 2009

Cloth Diapering

Last August, I attended Goores' Bi-Annual Trunk Show where I had the blessing of being introduced to a representative with Bambino Mio. It was a chance encounter that has changed the way do we diapers since that day. She asked me if I had ever considered cloth diapers, which I had so I thought no harm in chatting with her. Next question lead to why I am not cloth diapering. Well just about the nastiest thing about bowel movements is when you have to clean it off someone else. I was ready to start potty training the moment my oldest took her first steps and not a minute too soon was she. Bambino Mio has created a complete nappy system that takes a lot of the yuck out of the less glamorous side of parenting.

Bambino Mio has a "two piece system" that has a secret third part called the nappy liner. Ahhhhhh! That did it for me, the crappy stuff stays in the liner that you just toss in the toilet and flush away. Then you take the soiled cotton nappy and throw it in the lined Mio bucket. Lastly, you take a clean cotton nappy replace it in the waterproof cover and clean happy child again. Every 2-3 days I take what is in the bucket and toss it in the wash along with their special washing powder that uses oxygen-based bleach to disinfect the wash. Into the dryer everything goes and presto!

So next step is to try this on the go, usually I bring an extra cover and a few cotton nappies along with the cute purple waterproof travel bag they created to hold soiled nappies. When I get home I dump everything including bag into the bucket.

Cloth diapering has turned out to be a lot easier than I expected. I researched plenty other cloth options but I found Bambino Mio to be the most economical, functional, minimal bulk on baby and in diaper bag, and they have a solution for everything diapering. There are a number of additional items that they created to make it more convenient that you can view on their site at and can be purchased online or at Goore's.

If you have ever thought about cloth diapering, try one of their trial packs to see if Bambino Mio could be a fit for you. Feel free to send me any questions; I'd love to hear from you.

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