Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3 months later...

Instead of posting each idea on it's own I am going to jumble it all up for you.  Life is busy.  There you go that is all there is to it.  Honestly, that is my sole reason for not posting a thing for the last 3 months despite all the chaos to tell.


Wine Tour only for the BFF

Mimosas in the morning in the limo, yes thank you

Fun fact about me: I despise wine so it was Ciroc and juice for me, good times for all


Preparing for the upcoming horseshow

Mother's Day Baseball game

Summertime fun at the Mad Hatter Party


Happy Birthday to me
The cake was made my dearest, The Man and JuJuBee

Birthday trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Go Shooka, go Shooka!

T-Ball season starts

Lil' Miss turns 2

I should really work on my detailed stories but for now enjoy how quickly I through together the last 3 months.  My full time commitment is raising my girls and managing my home.  But my passion beyond my children has consumed my extra time as a film producer.  Sorry to my faithful followers for being forgotten.

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  1. GREAT photos... they tell a story all on their own. :)