Saturday, July 17, 2010

#16 Got credit score

I requested the dreaded credit report. The one that you are supposed to check every year. Well I've never check my credit report as recommended, because much like the medical business philosophy, "no news is good news". If I ignored it then I wouldn't have to be honest with myself, personally I like to avoid problems that I can't solve.

Quite the accomplishment for me, face my problems and be patient. I am all about solving problems and getting it done immediately. Improving credit score (#17) will have to take time but at least I know now where my starting line is. That starting line is fair and certainly not as bad as I thought.

So now I have to take the steps to get to the perfect 800. I will make a promise for my children to have better credit rating than they do so I can be a co-signer if necessary for those, ugh, college loans.


  1. Good for you, facing reality. It's tough!

  2. And thanks for posting my button!