Friday, January 15, 2010

Toddler-hood to Preschooler

As of Saturday, my baby girl is now a preschooler. We celebrated Julianna's 3rd birthday at Art Beast Studio with family and close friends. The kids were painting, molding moon sand, making ornaments, and running. We ate delicious custom cupcakes from Courtney. Overall, the day was a beautiful success.

Now I've realized, although its just another year, she is growing up and not slowing down. My mind races as I imagine the upcoming milestones ie. kindergarden, high school, prom, graduation, college, grandkids; does life ever pause, wait I wasn't ready for it to happen so fast. I just want to hold her tight and protect her forever.

So I have heard it a million times to cherish the days of when they are young "cause they grow up so fast." Every day is special but so are the milestones. I have never wanted to hold my children back selfishly; independence, strength, and adventure I foster in my kids in hopes they become admirable, happy, productive members of society. Julianna first crawled at 6 months. There was no magic to it I got down on the floor with her to cheer her on, her courage was astonishing to me. I wasn't disappointed I couldn't carry her around everywhere or that I would have to chase her. In fact I was elated, Julianna trusted me to always be by her side, herself and her strength, and her world around her.

So this new desire to hold her close is silly of me since I've always been the woman by her side to support her and encourage her curiosity of it all. I know I'll always be her best friend, I just happen to remember her first smile.

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