Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Teamwork and Presents

Spring is in the Air

Easter morning was celebrated at our house this year.  Well the morning got started late so what was planned for breakfast turned into a yummy brunch, the kind that sits with you all day.  I made french toast, fruit salad, eggs, and bacon.  We could have had more but the kids didn't sit still long enough to eat the little bit that was on their plate.  So while the grown ups ate the kids opened their easter baskets.

The girls and my sister found their own basket full of fun goodies.  There is a real challenge trying to stay away from filling a basket with candy and junkfood but I think we did well. I stuffed each with a sketch pad, fun flashlight, fruit snacks, and small pack of SweetTarts.  Not bad, right?


There was a rustle in the yard, it was the Easter Bunny.  The kids ran out to the yard with their baskets searching for eggs.  They found the decorated hardboiled eggs and 20 plastic eggs.

Inside the plastic eggs were puzzle pieces, an idea from Family Fun Magazine, from Pinkalious.  The girls had to open all their eggs and work together as a team to put complete the puzzle.  Once the puzzle is complete they got a special present.  Julianna was very pleased to get her own walkie-talkies, Amaya cheesed holding her new sippie cups, and baby sister was surprised to get an electronic microphone.

Family, food, fun.  Easter success!

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  1. Great description of Easter morning!!! It was delicious and fun for all. xxoo