Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My "Me Time" (inspired by a SocialMoms writing prompt)

A writing prompt by Social Moms blogging prompts as submitted by a member Chavon Smith, of A Jeweled Life.

What is "Me Time" for you? How do you spend it?

"Me Time", that peace and quiet when you can close your eyes and not worry about the world falling apart, yeah that time usually only happens when I take a shower, but only if I take one after the kids go to bed.  Or I can find some time at the gym while the kids are in the playcenter.

The latter is my most anticipated moment of the day as I have the option of a daily limit of 2 hours a day.  Sometimes it is interrupted to change a diaper or calm a fussy baby.  My time is spent working out with my headphones on, loudly and playing my favorite Pandora radio station, to tune out the world.  I have had the chance to begin reading again, not trashy gossip magazines or parenting magazines but full length novels :)

Although not necessarily the "Me Time" of choice at times, my time at our neighborhood family gym is a win for everyone.  Happy mommie, happy kids.


  1. Yes, I know that feeling well... the need to find a 'zone' where we can finally exhale and the weight of the world, for those moments, is off of our shoulders. :)

  2. So where do you find your 'zone'?

  3. My 'me-zone' is walking on the treadmill... it is also being with my family when I am able to sit back and interact without needing to take care of something. :) The treadmill happens more often than the latter. lol I agree with you about happy mommy, happy kids... and your children are very happy little souls. xxoo