Thursday, December 30, 2010

Potty time

On this evening the day Lil' Miss turned 18 months, she used the potty. Oh wait, she used the potty! She has watched her big sister and picked up all her tricks, put potty seat on, take off pants, sit, wipe, flush. Lil' Miss knows the whole routine but never did any business just wasted a lot of toilet paper until now.

After the kids' bath, she is running around her room diaper-less until she stops stands still and looks at me. Oh crap, seriously, please don't poo on the carpet. I ask if she needs to go potty and she laughs at me. I whisk her away to the toliet without any trails behind us. We sit in the bathroom for a couple minutes, big sister in there too. Her bottom is "talking" and we cheer for that. Then I hear the plop plop, yeah! My baby did it. Lots of high fives and cheering is taking place. This plop plop, cheers pattern continues for a couple more minutes. We wipe and Lil' Miss flushed her own mess away!


Oh eff the potty training begins. Honestly, I did state, to myself for no one else to hear, that I would begin potty training when Lil' Miss turned 18 months. I did not realize that was today.

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