Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby Weight is Down

My weight that is! And I feel fantastic. I do not feel I have been able to truly share in the loss of weight and gain of happy endorphins. All I read is about how women (and a few men) are struggling to lose weight gained during the pregnancy. So in the mess of unhappy bodies can I share in the glory of getting my body back after pregnancy?

Does anyone really want to hear how I struggled with excepting the extra pounds as apart of motherhood? I sacrifice plenty for my kids; I didn't want to live in a body that was not mine. First step I published my goals for everyone to see,

Project 622
5. Lose that 30 lbs of “baby” weight
6. Be happy if I don’t

I made exercise a priority everyday even if it meant doing Wii-Fit for an hour after the kids went to bed and the kitchen is a mess. I focused on eating healthier and drinking water, lots of it. I hate to drink water because it leads to going to the bathroom then washing hands and dry hands. Every 15 minutes. Seriously I believe I have the smallest bladder ever.

Months, which felt like eons, pass and I manage to lose a couple pounds. I begged the scale to move a little further in the other direction but inanimate objects listen like toddlers do. Scale doesn't budge but I felt good. Yes! That's #6 crossed off.

Call me what you want but the weight fell off after that to the point I am happy to maintain my weight as this is my pre-baby weight. I slipped on a pair of pre-baby jeans effortlessly that I was hanging on to "just in case" not ever expecting to see them again.

I just wanted to be me. And I really hate to hear "You look great for having two kids". I want to look great because I take care of myself and respect my body.

SuperMom status was never sacrificed during the course of this loss. Maybe its unrealistic to do it all but I can try.

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  1. You always look fantastic so the other day when the woman from the gym said to you, 'You are melting away!', I thought she mistook your Snow White costume for the witch from the Wizard of Oz who melts when water is thrown on her - it was beginning to rain outside when that comment was made. Then I realized she was complimenting you on your weight loss. You really do look fabulous... healthy, happy and absolutely glowing. Being healthy shows outwardly and since you have always been a gorgeous young woman, eating healthy foods and taking time out for yourself everyday has enhanced the beautiful smile that radiates from your love for your children, self and family! Way to go MamaDom. xxoo