Saturday, September 4, 2010

#19 Get another tattoo

In Las Vegas and with the support of my close girlfriends, I did it. For me to get another tattoo was really no big accomplishment since I have known for 2 years what I wanted to get and where it was going to be. I just lacked the follow through so we all thought why not now, here in Vegas.

Tattoo Heaven helped me cross off #19 from my list when they put Julianna's birthdate written in Hebrew on my back. Just perfect.

My first tattoo was a butterfly as a symbol of happiness in the Chinese culture, in honor of my brothers' heritage; the butterfly was designed from a toe ring that my mom and I picked out in Santa Cruz in my favorite colors. The next tattoo Julianna's birthdate was drawn just below the butterfly which now appears to be landing on the text. The symbolism is that my happiest moment was the day that I became a mother.

I do plan to have one done to represent Amaya but I have yet to figure it out. Her addition will be just as meaningful as the first two. But no rush for now.

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